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Back in 2000, I was a huge Frollophile and Clopinphile, as incongruous as that seems. I stumbled upon a fandom that was already dying a slow death from the inevitable passage of time since the introduction of a non-recurring canon source (Disney's movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame). I was worried that the moderators of sites like the original and Clopin Fanspace would lose interest and leave the fandom languishing. Sure enough, their interests wandered, and the sites became orphans. I think it's silly to make everyone hunt for cached pages on the net, so I'm resurrecting the old material. Belladonna once told me, albeit with the expectation that the day would never come, that if she ever gave up on that I could feel free to post the information she had left behind. I'm going to write my own interpretations of the films and stage production as I have seen many of them, but I'll keep the old Frollozone critiques up until they're done. I'll probably make an effort to do a redesign later as well, but in the meantime, the format of the old pages will be similar -- not that having a tabled vertical column and capitalized letters denotes a unique, copyrightable design anyway (sorry, it doesn't, or every beginning web designer using Dreamweaver would be sued), in case you were wondering. The point is to make the information easier to find, not to make it gorgeous. Although I prefer gorgeous...

NOTE TO ALL FANFICTION WRITERS: I'm taking an unconventional approach to permission to post old fanfic here. Some of it I have obtained permission to archive it before when I operated a different fansite, and some of it I have not obtained permission. I know that some people don't care and some do. I want to preserve as much of the original creativity and diversity in the fandom that existed before as possible. If you don't want your fiction archived here, please contact me, and I will remove it immediately. Likewise, if you'd like your work to be included in the archives or you would like me to link to your work, please let me know. Contact me at: F r o l l o F e m m e [ ____r e m o v e t h i s ___] A T f r o l l o z o n e D O T o r g.

Work In Progress - updates on the Frollozone as they happen. Please be patient as I have a ton of other work pending, and I have to eat. ;.)

DISCLAIMER: All images and pictures from the Disney film are copyright the Walt Disney Company and are used without permission. The Walt Disney Company is not to be held responsible for anything posted upon this page.

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